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Two years from the achievement of The Certification of Safe Labour, obtained in November 2009, the company is preparing itself for a report on the results it has accomplished.
“Our attention towards safety”, as Pamela Remolato explains, in charge of Prevention and Protection in Calpeda, “is a characteristic of our company.  It is not by coincidence that the Certification Safe Labour is a voluntary implementation of what is requested by national law and we do not exclude to proceed towards an international certification, as the OSHA 18001, in the near future.”
The assessment of the work that has been carried out up to today is undoubtedly positive, and the resulting data confirms this:  the company has gone for instance, from 20 cases of injury in 2007, to 3 cases in 2011.
The attention and insight of the company towards security has been also proven by the constant maintenance of machine tools with a 38% of repaired machines on five-year plan of action.
In this setting, it is also important to highlight the transition from the use of solvent-based varnishs to the use of water-based varnishs with the installation new varnishing rooms.  The primary advantage goes to the worker, that is safeguarded from inhalation, although benefits also go to the environment due to drastic reductions in emissions into the atmosphere.
Within sight of the survey that is planned in November, training has been intensified for each division:  a total of 600 hours will be dedicated to training in 2011.  The prospective is that of leading each employee to becoming artificer, thus responsible and trustworthy, of the companies safety and enhancement.





Injury index

years 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Cases of injuries 20 12 8 14 3
Days of injuries 108 78 91 142 16