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NCE-EI is a new circulator that has been developed for application in domestic heating systems.
The use of new hydraulics combined to a new synchronous permanent magnetic motor piloted by an inverter permits it to achieve a significant reduction of energy consumption.
The NCE-EI circulator is a product that is in line with the Regulation of the European Commission n. 641/2009 that imposes a drastic reduction in energy consumptions; in fact, the NCE-EI has an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) < 0,27:  this implies that the circulator currently possesses an energy efficiency index that will be mandatory in the whole European Community on from January 1st 2013.
One single NCE-EI circulator is capable of covering the entire functioning range from 2 to 6 m of prevalence, obtaining, with a single pump, the substitution of an entire range of traditional circulators.
The facility of installation is guaranteed by the rapid installation socket, while the functioning selector and indicator make adjustments simple and intuitive.