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To believe in youngsters, invest in training and bring education into the workplace. It is with these principles that Calpeda was very happy to open its facilities to school visits.

The latest on the 24th of April was from a third year class of the E.Fermi Industrial Technical Institute of Bassano (Energetic section). The students and Professors were accompanied by our Engineer Francesco Zio, and were able to observe in detail all the phases of our production plant, from the initial goods inward and quality control through to the final phase of product testing and dispatch.

The occasion provided the students with an opportunity to see two of our very latest machining centres, each only just commissioned and fully operational. Both units feature the very latest developments in sophisticated manufacturing technology and employ advanced robotics for efficient materials handling. This investment confirms Calpeda’s continued commitment to employing the very latest advances in production engineering, in order that we remain competitive and guarantee the highest level of product quality.

The visit permitted the students to experience firsthand the complexity of the problems which face our production engineers, operating with such a diversified range of pump and motor production. The students then attended a brief workshop where they could apply for themselves the basic principles of pump design. They were also able to witness the damage which can occur to pump components resulting from incorrect design and application, including the effects of cavitation.

Given the field of study undertaken by the students, the question of energy saving was highlighted. This is an area where Calpeda is proud of its records and achievements, being at the forefront of defining European legislation, which ensures optimum design and operating efficiency of pumps and pump systems in order to obtain maximum energy saving.