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We have already talked about Mèta’s green heart, of how it was designed to save energy, of its sustainability even during the design phase. Looking further into the structure and operation of this product from our e-idos line, there are three very important points that we can express to highlight its revolutionary simplicity: its particularly small size, its IE4 motor, and its EEI index rating, which is in line with the most recent efficiency indications.

Small and compact

Mèta is a very special pressurisation system. It looks like a pump, but is a complete pressurisation unit, able to guarantee constant pressure at variable speed for different household applications. It has a membrane tank built into the pump casing and a check valve at pump suction. Even the inverter is already fitted with a high-performance pressure sensor. Being able to condense the different pressurisation system elements into the pump results in a product whose volume (16 l) is less than half that of other pressurisation systems of the same performance on the market. If you then consider its height and breadth, 234 mm and 161 mm respectively, Mèta is one third lower and half as narrow as the smallest pressurization systems on today’s market.

A premium efficiency IE4 motor

Mèta is equipped with an IE4 motor according to the Standard EN60034-3-2 (Ed. 2020), namely a high efficiency motor purposely studied to work with an inverter.

Considering the motor and inverter together (PDS), Mèta fits easily into class 2 of the International Efficiency Standard IEC 61800-9-2.

Another interesting point is that the electronic control is equipped with PFC, which means it satisfies the EN61000-3-2 Standard, making Mèta usable in any environment and in any way (residential, professional and industrial). The electronic driver remains more than 95% efficient, and when placed alongside the optimal IE4 motor, the whole PDS can be easily classified as IES class 2.

EEI ready

Mèta was made following the recent Extended Product Approach design philosophy, according to which the product is to be considered in its entirety (pump, motor and frequency changer if present) so as to obtain the best results in terms of energy efficiency. On the basis of this approach, the EEI efficiency index is no longer given by the sum of the minimum values of the individual components, but is an overall/unified value. Even from this point of view Mèta is decidedly “EEI ready”, therefore ready to satisfy the new indications, given that it consumes less than half the energy of an optimal fixed speed pump of the same performance.