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Mèta small is the ideal pump for the pressure boosting requirements of domestic systems. The idea behind this model was to develop a smaller-sized pump that could stand alongside its “big sister” Mèta while proposing the same efficiency. It is clear that the more the pump model corresponds with the requirements of a specific application, the greater the advantages for the user and the environment. Choosing a correctly-sized pump means saving energy and raw materials, reducing costs, and increasing system sustainability.

Calpeda’s intention was to confirm the results of Mèta even at lower flows, where pumps notoriously work less efficiently: the challenge was beaten, with results that exceeded expectations.

Unequalled compactness and high performances

Its dimensions confirm that Mèta small is the most compact pressure boosting system from among those with the same power on the market.

Just like Mèta, the extremely reduced dimensions of Mèta small come from having been able to condense all the elements of a pressure boosting system into the pump. For this smaller product, size optimisation is even better. Mèta small is 6 cm shorter than Mèta and the total volume is also smaller, going from the 16 litres of Mèta – already less than half the volume of the corresponding pressure boosting systems in circulation – to a volume of less than 15 litres for Mèta small.

Smaller sizes naturally lead to savings in raw material, above all active material, in line with the optimal results of Mèta.

In the case of Mèta small, a smaller size also means increased technological advantages. At work points where the flow is low, as required by small systems, the pump guarantees better performance and more efficiency than its big sister Mèta. This result was reached thanks to company know how, purposely studied hydraulics, and a 360° view of the product where hydraulics, motor and electronics are considered together.

Powerful and silent

The high efficiency of the electronics and the motor, together with the implementation of special solutions for heat dissipation, made it possible to eliminate the ventilation. This is a great advantage for a domestic pump. Removing the fan, in fact, means more freedom for handling the physical spaces during the installation phase, but also that the pump becomes more compact and smaller in size.

Above all, it also means greater silence, comparable with that of the most silent apartment applications, not just because there is no fan, but also because all the hydraulics are made of stainless steel, a material that makes the pump more solid and stable.