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Italian Championship 2011 hasn’t take place yet, but in 2010 our Ivan Gecchele, worker in pressure boosting sets department, has been crowned italian champion of motocross, Hobbycross category.
His passion for motocross has began since he was 12, then at 25 he bought his first moto, a two strokes Kawasaki 250. With that moto he took place in the Veneto race, but as a result of an accident he was obliged to leave the competition.
Al last, in 2010, with a Honda CR 125, he fulfilled his dream obtaining the first place and becoming italian champion, category Hobbycross.
2011: new year and new choices with a Honda CR 250 two strokes and a category upgrade as an Amateur.
The actual placements are promising, passion is at top levels and we wish him lots of successes!