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The family of Calpeda pumps MXA, MXH, MXP, MXS e MXSU, MXV, MXVL and MXV-B, NGX, NMD, NM and NM4, are availed today with prestigious French certification ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire) that strictly regulates the planning and the production of the pumps used to convey water destined to human consumption.
To attain such recognition, all metallic and organic material typologies (including adhesives and lubricants) that are in direct contact with water, including the superficial extension of each component, have to undergo an assessment on behalf of an examiner.
After a complete reassessment of the project, and according to the weight of each of the component’s surface on the total wet surface, the examiner can arrange an atomic migration test where the total chemical inertia of the pump is directly tested, in this case, in the laboratory.
The achievement of the ACS is thus the new result obtained by Calpeda’s Research and Development Sector that, as it is well known, not only engages in optimizing hydraulic efficiency of its machinery, but it aims its concern on the influence that constructive materials have on man’s health.

MXSU_Attestation ACS

MXSU_Attestation ACS_Rapport d’essais inertie