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The new NR 40/125 series is now available as an extension of the NR-NR4 range of pumps.

The NR 40/125 models, like the others in the NR-NR4 series, have the following construction characteristics:

  • Compactness: the pumps have a compact construction that allows for the installation of the product even in reduced spaces.
  • User Protection: an innovative (patented) guard prevents contact with rotating parts of the pump, safeguarding the user, whilst at the same time allowing for easy inspection of the mechanical shaft seal.
  • Air Release Valve: the pump is provided with an air release valve, which allows any air present in the area of the mechanical seal to be automatically vented, safeguarding the reliability of the mechanical shaft seal and consequently the pump itself.
  • Vanguard Fluid Dynamics: the careful study of the fluid dynamics carried out with the aid of simulation tools (CFD), has allowed us to optimise the connection between the impeller and the pump casing, minimizing hydraulic losses and thus increasing efficiency. At the same time the hydraulics have been developed so as to reduce to a minimum acoustic disturbance, ensuring a silent running.

The NR 40/125 pumps are available with heads to 23 metres and flows to 24 m3/h, whilst the NR-NR4 range covers heads to 87 metres and flows to 110 m3/h.