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Circulators are hydraulic devices that, as the name suggests, enable the circulation of water from the heat production system to the emission points.
Consider, for instance, a heating system fueled by a boiler, whether traditional or condensating. The water within the boiler is heated according to the desired temperature and then propelled through the supply line by the circulator, ultimately reaching either the radiators or the components of the underfloor heating system. Despite the apparent simplicity of this function, technological advancements provide ample room for innovation. The challenges presented by heating systems to manufacturers of water circulation pumps are multifaceted: they must ensure optimal reliability and comfort while also enhancing efficiency to contribute to reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

It is precisely from the desire to respond promptly to market needs that the plan to enhance and renew the range of Calpeda circulators was born. The goal of Calpeda was to offer a complete range of circulators for hot water – heating systems, domestic hot water, or solar panel thermal systems – in line with the highest standards, capable of providing installers with innovative technologies and highly competitive solutions in terms of quality-price ratio.

The drivers behind the renewal of the circulator range

Sustainability: high-efficiency circulators represent the future of this sector. Advanced motor technology and the use of electronics have greatly reduced energy consumption compared to traditional circulators. Beyond merely conserving energy, an equally crucial facet lies in curbing water usage. A top-tier circulator, engineered to swiftly adapt to the system’s demands, effectively mitigates water wastage arising from prolonged waits for the desired temperature.

Usability: to facilitate the work of installers, circulators must be versatile and offer a customized solution for every situation. Ease of installation, compact dimensions, and intuitive programming ensure reliable and successful systems.

Smart technology: circulators capable of embracing the trend towards connectivity allow for remote control, constant monitoring, data analysis, predictive maintenance… all aspects that translate into an extension of the plant’s life and improved energy control.

Low-energy electronic circulators for all applications

The new Calpeda line of high-efficiency electronic circulators features several models, empowering installers to pinpoint the most fitting option for their specific requirements, thereby optimizing system performance.

Among the new products are the NCE H and NCH Q2 series, consisting of circulators for heating systems, both for underfloor systems and for single-pipe and two-pipe radiator systems. The NCE PS series is instead ideal for hot water circulation systems.

Overall, the comprehensive range comprises products geared towards innovation and sustainability, adept at spanning broad spectrums of flow rate and power. Featuring a compact design, these circulators are available in threaded or flanged configurations, streamlining installation processes.

As for the power supply, the circulators are driven by permanent magnet synchronous motors controlled by inverters. Speed control and the use of magnetic rotor motors, characterized by high performance and minimal losses, are the basis for low energy consumption. The use of integrated electronics on board, in particular, has pushed efficiency levels very high. It follows that not only is the energy efficiency index fully respected as required by regulation (IEE ≤ 0.23), but for the most efficient circulators, the reference parameter is even lower (IEE ≤ 0.20).

One circulator, many operating modes

Electronically modulated circulators allow significant energy savings because the power absorbed corresponds to the actual needs of the system.

Calpeda circulators offer various operating modes: proportional pressure, constant pressure, fixed speed, night mode, temperature mode, and above all, automatic mode. The latter, aligned with factory settings, is highly recommended as it enables the circulator to autonomously adapt its operational point according to the system’s requirements. By consistently maintaining operation centered on the working point, this mode not only ensures energy efficiency but also maximizes user comfort and safeguards the system integrity.

Integrated connectivity systems also ensure flexibility and customizability in our solutions. Digital inputs and outputs make these circulators intelligent machines capable of ensuring remote control and communication even with the most advanced home automation systems.

A reference point for hot water recirculation

We have provided our customers with a complete range of circulators, suitable for all centralized heating systems in the domestic, civil, and residential sectors. The products are adaptable to various applications and perfectly compatible with circulators from other brands. Their straightforward installation process ensures a quick set up. Advanced technology is accompanied by intuitive design that saves time for installers and guarantees reliable results. With products readily available, we can guarantee swift deliveries, meeting customer demands promptly and further reducing installation times.

Hot water recirculation pumps for the industrial sector

In addition to renewing the range of circulators for domestic, civil, and residential applications, Calpeda is also developing a plan to strengthen pumps for hot water recirculation in the industrial sector. Enter the NR EI series, in which pumps capable of handling flow rates of up to 120 m3/h can already be found.  Looking ahead, plans are underway to introduce new models tailored for even higher flow rates, thereby broadening the scope of applications. NR EI circulation pumps ensure low energy consumption because the power absorbed corresponds to the actual needs of the system.