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The positive results of the evaluation regarding safety, have come from the Veneto division of the Italian Industrial confederation, SIAV SpA.  The biennial verification to the Safe Labour Certification, achieved in 2009, has been thus brilliantly passed.
We are not talking of a mere bureaucratic examination, but of an effective review of how the firm operates daily, with inspections in the various productive departments, and with thorough exams of all the mechanisms that in the management system aid coordination and information:  from company policy, to the objectives of periodical meetings; from external supervising systems through consultants, up to verifications on single operators on behalf of the foremen and on behalf of the production management.
What emerged is that in these two years, the system indicated by the Certification has become an integral part of the organization.
The cue that came from the auditor was that attention should never diminish and that it is always necessary to have future objectives clear in mind.
Much has been done this year regarding the training of each single employee, and to how such employees use with awareness the devices at their disposal, and how they understand how certain behaviours can be less safe.
Constant improvement is the objective, and in regard to this, some interventions have been already determined, both on the front of technical and productive innovation, and on the front of prevention and protection service.