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Calpeda have introduced their new range of 5” multistage submersible stainless steel pumps.

The pumps are available in three different hydraulic versions, with nominal 3, 5, & 9 m3/hr flows, covering a wide range of applications.

The motors are available in both single- phase and three- phase versions.

The range has a new robust and innovative construction, which allows it to perform against the demands of high pressure and increased weights, resulting from the now wider range.


Construction Features

All the parts both internal and external which come into contact with the pumped liquid are made from AISI 304 stainless steel, giving extra resistance to corrosion etc.

The unique construction of the upper part allows for easy inspection of the capacitor, now incorporated internally, and simple attaching of cables without the need to dissemble the pump. Removing the discharge body and the cap of the motor case gives access to the capacitor, allowing for its inspection. The structure of the pump has been redesigned to further improve the reliability of the product and the increased dimensions of the components means that the pump can be suspended by the discharge pipe. A cylinder intake filter allows for installation of the pump on a flat surface of a water storage tank for example. The shell of water around the provides for almost silent operation ideal in areas where noise is a issue.

The pumps are available with an incorporated float switch on request.