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A mix of modernity and tradition are present in the video introducing Calpeda and help to show, above all to new markets, how an almost hand-made quality and a vanguard technology go hand in hand to produce each of our products.

The object of the video, can be summed up in a few words, it is to answer a simple question: “If a person orders a Calpeda pump from any part of the world, what happens behind that that order”?

The video is designed to open a window onto the people who work for us, the machining tools used and the work methodology applied. The cement has always been the ethics and culture of the image devised by our founder Vinicio Mettifogo in 1968, now revealed in a digital format and conveying the element of continuity, which has underlined the constant link between the company, human values and professionalism for more than fifty years, accompanying every phase of our growth.

The video is composed of twelve units all within a common theme with product, market and images specific to its production. The connection between product and market arises from the knowledge and experience Calpeda has developed in each country, and the capacity it has to respond to specific demands. For this reason, it was decided that a ‘flag mechanism’ would be used to define each market using flags and three-dimensional cultural symbols. This was key to demonstrating the human connection between product and market. Moreover, to each product we applied a real image. In this way, pausing over every single unit in the video is like having a catalogue of the products, giving a complete and informative worksheet. Additionally the production of the video also carefully considers the use of colour. Those associated with Calpeda were obviously chosen, but in a more modern way. Finally, the filming of our production facilities and work stations was done with the aid of robotics which moved on a horizontal axle. The shots from above were important because only with a wide angle could the level of teamwork between the workers be captured, along with the complexity of the operations performed and the technology used.

(Video made by JTT)