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Nowadays it is no longer sufficient for a company to have sources of information available but not managed via their huge IT investments in a way which exploits the spread of such data both internally and externally so as to maximise the distribution of that knowledge base across as wider audience as possible. Calpeda has been taking on the challenge of communication in the electronic environment and has achieved some new and exciting results.

Company portal
The activation of a Company Portal allows for the publication and sharing of information, documents and management applications through Internet. Today any authorised personnel in any part of the world can manage folders, documents, drawings and files in general and look for them using a search engine. You can consult detailed information on an individual product using its serial number, or obtain prices for spare parts etc. In many of our international subsidiaries it is possible to insert orders, register delivery of goods and analyse demand. Moreover a section reserved for area managers is being implemented for the publication of any information which can be useful, for example transferring internal documents such as invoices, statistics and sales reports.

CRM-Customer Relationship Manager
In the current market one of the main objectives of the company is to obtain and maintain customer trust, ensuring the increasingly efficient flow of products and services. Also in this case, having at your disposal an integrated flow of information, entering and exiting from subsidiaries, suppliers and customers etc greatly supports our management of marketing activities, from the detailed monitoring of market sectors to the exploitation of new opportunities and from the planning of new initiatives and campaigns to the simple mapping of sales activities.

Business intelligence
Taking advantage of the mass of controlled data is best expressed in the ability to enhance the information flow using it to improve efficiency in processes. These include not only enhanced sales and financial controls but extend equally importantly to administration, production, materials handling, stock control, distribution and quality procedures to name but a few. Departmental managers can now integrate data to improve their own processes in unison with other functions key to their needs.

Communication and the Internet
The necessity to have a modern and up to date internet site is not only important from a simple graphical point of view, but above all from a technical and functional one. This has led us to think about reorganising all the company communication and information. Using only one data platform it is possible to manage with extreme flexibility all the useful information for creating any kind of media from catalogues and brochures, in paper or electronic form etc. which can continuously updated and state of the art. It is thought that a singular format will be used to align and smooth out communication in Calpeda, from the Italian distribution branches and international subsidiaries and agents which will be accessible to all the companies in the group starting from the corporate site.