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Calpeda Korea Co., Ltd. was founded on the 19th June, 2001 and as a newcomer in the market has had to overcome many difficulties in establishing itself. The company was able however to learn from this initial phase and is now continuously growing.

Calpeda Korea can count on an outstanding team base around qualified staff to manage the distribution, production and testing. The company also benefits from a young and enthusiastic sales team all supported by experienced accounting and administration departments under the watchful eye of Miss Yun the General Manager.

To date Calpeda Korea has focused on a broad range of OEM and niche markets, such as small ships & yachts, mobile homes, pump stations and the electric furnace market. Nowadays however Calpeda Korea are focusing on developing alternative energy markets and the promotion of high efficiency technologies, all available to it via the support of our headquarters in Italy where Eco-design remains at the forefront of our research and development programmes.