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The new range of ‘GQS’ pumps are available alongside the ‘GQV’ range, as part of the submersible drainage series.

The GQS pumps have the following construction features:

•            Double mechanical shaft seal with oil chamber which separates the motor from the water and provides further protection against accidental dry running.

•            Triple impregnation humidity-proof winding.

•            Relief valve, which allows air release around the impeller and ensures  proper priming of the pump even after long periods at standstill.

•            Free flow (vortex) impeller is particularly suitable for liquids containing solids up to 50 mm grain size, with a special epoxy treatment for greater protection against corrosion.

•            Pump casing with G 2” vertical delivery port, for installation in small spaces, without the need for an elbow. The pump casing is also with the special epoxy treatment and external paint for increased protection against corrosion.

The pumps are available with total heads to 15 m and maximum flow rate up to 600 l/min, the motors are available in three-phase and in the single-phase versions with single phase featuring an easy inspection capacitor, thermal protector and incorporated float switch.