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How can we help young people build a professional future?

If the market increases its demand for prepared and specialised figures, schools and companies must join forces and collaborate in order to give young people the chance to express all their potential.

Calpeda has a strong belief in this idea, and is always available whenever the possibility arises, as occurred on 20 February when two classes from the Rossi High School in Vicenza were welcomed for a guided visit.

After a general presentation of the company, the students were divided into three group and, led by an engineer, were taken to visit the whole production area.

The young people were very struck by the workstations and the cutting-edge technology, but as they are specialising in logistics, their interest was mainly on the organization aspect.

They were shown all the phases of the production flow, from order arrival to the different processes carried out and then shipping, and also the importance of a computerised management system that Calpeda has developed according to its specific requirements.