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A variable speed, multi-stage, self-priming pump with incorporated electronics.

This is a very brief description of Mèta, the new pump from the e-idos line that Calpeda has recently launched on the market.

Even though it looks the same as the other pumps made by Calpeda, it is different. Important changes are usually associated with changes in shape, but in this case the revolution is all about substance. Actually, the true challenge was inserting technological innovation into the characteristic design of Calpeda pumps.

So if you look at Mèta and think it’s a traditional product, it means we made the right choice. We made sure that the sizes and compactness of the new pump, with on-board electronic intelligence, remained the same as the other Calpeda pumps, so that it would fit perfectly into traditional installations.

Mèta’s eco-friendly heart

When is an innovation truly an innovation? When it is accessible on a large scale and, as a result, can bring a real advantage, above all if the benefits involve its environmental impact. And this is the true revolution of Mèta. Designed as a very high efficiency pump, Mèta has an eco-friendly heart that can make the difference in the domestic pump sector, for water supplies and irrigation.

The saving in energy of this new product – approximately 550 kWh per year when used about 4 hours per day on average – can be seen immediately. The advantage is clearly not just economic. If this value is converted into amounts of CO2 not released into the atmosphere, the total comes to approximately 400 kg per year.

Mèta and carbon footprint: top marks!

Being a variable speed pump, Mèta can control the speed according to the required load. This alone makes it a solution centred on saving energy. But its performance is much higher than average and its footprint is decidedly ecological.

What makes it so special?

Extremely energy efficient

Mèta is a perfect example of Ecodesign and Extended Product Approach.

It fully observes the new regulations, according to which the product is to be considered in its entirety (pump, motor and frequency regulator). It can be described as a product with top grade integration, characterised by the electronics in the motor casing and the control algorithms that make it very efficient. The result? 60% less energy consumption than an already-efficient pump.

Savings in the raw materials used

The consumption of raw materials, which is continually increasing, is a very important aspect for the environment. To produce Mèta we calculated a base material saving (iron, copper and aluminium) of 45% in relation to traditional pumps. Electronic performance optimisation means that smaller motors can be used and the stages can be reduced from 5 to 2 while maintaining the same levels of performance. Finally, operation at a low temperature helps the motor and the bearings last a good deal longer.