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GQV 65 is the new submersible dirty water drainage pump that has recently been added to the GQV 50 Series, following the same logic and construction principles.

The new pump is more than a mere extension of the range. This drainage pump is, indeed, built to allow the management of suspended solids with a diameter of up to 65 mm, a feature that renders it particularly suitable for industrial applications.

Suspended solids treatment is an extremely important aspect in dirty waste water lifting. It is, in fact, essential that the pump be reliable and able to move the liquid without getting clogged. Think, for example, of applications such as those of sewage treatment plants run by municipal companies that must provide efficient service without downtime caused by breakdowns or clogging.

Therefore, we may say that with the GQV 65 pumps, Calpeda has ushered in, among its products, a new line destined to grow further, namely that of the dirty water drainage pumps for the industrial sector.

Moreover, if we consider the market offer for this type of product, the GQV 65 pump positions itself by means of its specificity that differentiates it from most of the available devices.

It is, indeed, a pump characterized by excellent value for money, equipped with a high-performance motor with a stainless-steel casing, much lighter than the ones in cast iron, typically used in pumps designed for this type of application.

As for the construction features, here are some of the main aspects that highlight the excellent hydraulics and the careful mechanical design of the GQV 65 pump.

•The pump is equipped with a vortex impeller, already by itself a guarantee of optimal performance for dirty water. The vortex impeller, in fact, is designed so that the solid particles pass below the impeller itself, which prevents its blocking.

• The presence of the vent valve allows the escape of air around the impeller and therefore is a guarantee of excellent priming even after extended periods of idleness.

• The pump is equipped with double mechanical seal on a stainless-steel shaft with an oil chamber interposed for a safe protection of both the engine and against accidental dry running.

• For flexible and quick installation in the sump, the pump has a DN 65 delivery flange and a G 2 ½ thread as well; it is also suitable for coupling chutes.

The pump is currently available in 1.1 and 1.5kW power versions.

Thanks to the enlargement of the pump body, meant to allow the passage of suspended solids with a diameter of up to 65 mm, the GQV 65 pump guarantees, for the same power, a greater free passage and flow rate than the GQV 50 pumps.