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Attention to detail is of high importance to Luisa Dal Grande. Luisa our Export Sales Department head clerk is an outgoing and radiant person with a strong devotion towards her job. Luisa has been working in Calpeda’s Export Sales Department for 46 years, running her team of 5 with the same passion and efficiently with which she serves our customers throughout the world.

The Team:

Andrea has been a member of on the team for 25 years, and he is the lone man in the department. Andrea in dealing with our customers, amongst his multiple duties, is responsible for generating proposals, inspecting purchasing orders, and providing the first line of technical assistance. It is not surprising then that he spends most of his day on the phone switching constantly between Italian, English, French, and Spanish all languages which he speaks technically and fluently.

, even though her young age is without doubt considered a veteran with her 20 years of service to the company. Like Andrea she too handles client proposals, and regulates purchasing orders. In addition Frederica looks after repairs and returns, and provides support to area managers. Federica like Luisa carries out her duties with great skill and accuracy, and is Luisa’s “right-hand lady”.

Alla has worked in the export department for 6 years and is responsible for issuing invoices and dealing with our many freight companies and couriers. Being of Russian origin, she contributes valuably to the team. Many East European customers do not speak English, as such Alla provides us with an excellent communication channel.

Monica has been with Calpeda for 17 years, and has a reputation for being the most tidy and organised member of the team. Monica is responsible for regulations and customs, and Luisa comments that she has an “enviable meticulous patience”.

Bruna has been part of the Team for 6 years and carries out wide range of duties most efficiently. Bruna is a specialist in expediting, customs control and banking, norms and activities that are not easy to manage.

Luisa comments: “My team follows the first rule in Calpeda – everyone learns everything there is to learn. Every member of the department is aware of and knows of his or her colleague’s duties and problems, and is capable of solving them. The department is true to the culture of Calpeda in that we are one big family, no one tries or tends to excel over his fellow colleague, and we all help each other. We are all flexible in our respective duties and I can proudly state that we are a winning Team.”