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A GILDEMEISTER SPRINT 42-10 LINEAR 10 axis sliding headstock lathe has been bought for the pump shafts production department. The new machine is suitable for machining shafts derived directly from steel bars of up to 6 m in length and 42 mm in diameter.

The technology of the sliding headstock machine allows us to exploit the very best from the tools pushing to maximum cutting speeds whilst ensuring at the same time the absolute precision. Moreover the possibility to work on the shaft with more than one tool at a time has made a considerable reduction to working time.

Another prerogative for this machine is supplying it with a software package which checks the strain on the tools during the machining, substituting them automatically when they are worn or broken, without interrupting production. Another program optimizes the length of the shafts to be worked, based on the length of the bar, thus reducing the quantity of scrap material.

All this allows the machine to work without the constant presence of an operative whilst still ensuring the quality and productivity typical of Calpeda.

Finally, but not least the machine is also able to carry out some very complex work on some types of components which have traditionally had to be entrusted to external companies, thereby reducing costs.