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The peripheral pump range has just been enriched with a new model, the CT60. The design is compact like the CT61, as is the quality of the components, but the CT60 is characterised by a front suction port.

The excellent level of collaboration between the technical office and production has once again brought outstanding results.

The new model despite having a front suction port, still manages to maintain the same performance characteristics of the CT61; moreover it was designed in such a way that despite the design variation it has blended into the high technology production centre built especially for the CT range, without any problems.

The arrival of this model has given us an opportunity to take a step back in time taking a nostalgic look at the history of the company.

The CT61 was born in 1996 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Licia Mettifogo’s time with Calpeda. It was she who asked Gianfranco Frighetto, the then Production Manager, for a new peripheral pump, of high quality but at a competitive price. Her challenge was accepted and the development completed in just a few months. The pump was designed in such a way that all the components were integral to the pump motor casing, whilst the limited amount of mechanical machining required made the production process extremely economic.

The CT61 even with these new characteristics imitates the Z1, the first pump designed by the company’s founder Vinicio Mettifogo in 1959. So with the geniality that distinguished him, he managed to adapt a pump that was designed in an industrial context into a domestic one and at a reasonable cost. Mettifogo produced a little machine as perfect as a Swiss watch. The Z1 was defined as “the princess of the domestic pumps” and was decreed the success of the company in its early years.