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Batam Island, Indonesia. This was the location that Calpeda Asia chose for a short “ team building” trip from 22th to 24th of June .

The objectives of the initiative were:  to give the staff the opportunity of getting to know each other better, and to strengthen team spirit.

After walking for a couple of hours in the jungle, the group reached the campsite, they built their tents for the night, cooked dinner and breakfast, and used river water for the showering. In short, a return to the essentials.

The next day, “ the brave” took a boat back to the hotel and, splitting into teams, competed in games that saw the participation of the whole group; help and encouragement amongst colleagues were the main highlights of the competition.

At the end of the three-day trip, great enthusiasm and goals were achieved.

“At Calpeda Asia – they tell us – we believe that in addition to working hard one should also take time to have fun.”