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During the conference that was held in Frankfurt this past May, Calpeda’s engineer Michele Dai Prè was part of the team that drafted the new norm on minimum efficiency of cold water pumps (MEI) and that also drafted the European directive tied to this area of interest.
The minimum values that will most likely set in the new directive (efficient indices) and the deadline in which achieving such objectives were themes discussed during the conference.
The next encounter will be in October.
The following day, Mr. Dai Prè took part also of the Extend Product Approach workgroup that is committed to defining a minimum efficiency value for integrated products (pump, motor, and frequency regulators).  The result of this workgroup will be a new technical norm that will lead to an additional level of energy-saving; well beyond the the level that was already achieved by the improvement in the efficiency of pumps and by the improvement in the yield of electrical motors.