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After Spain and France, the Asian foreign branch is the third that uses the SAP management system, that is in direct connection, as in the other subsidiaries, with the headquarters in Montorso Vicentino.

Distance and time zone have not overawed the attendants in Calpeda that planned and managed each phase of the procedure without difficulties.

The first step was to analyse the specific necessities of the Singapore branch and to then follow up with the implementation of the SAP to cover such needs.  It was very interesting to discover how some of the solutions that were developed specifically for Singapore, ended up being useful also for other settings.

A partner company of SAP in Singapore, contributed with the implementation of the administrative aspects of the platform.

In the past month, operators at Calpeda Singapore were prepared and followed through videoconference during the testing phase.  A training system that utilizes interactive films was also elaborated, that offered the possibility of guiding the user in the employment of the system, along with the option of giving eventual suggestions in case of error.

Calpeda’s Mauro Biasolo and Oscar Collalto went to Singapore for last the details, for recuperating the data of the previous management system, and for aiding the users in this initial phase.