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The technology of Calpeda pumps has reached a small mountain community in Bolivia, a small village positioned 4000 metres above sea level, distant in time and space.

With the help of a former employee, Calpeda was able to provide a GXRM13 pump that transformed a muddy and unusable open space into a liveable and comfortable environment.


The gratitude coming from Father Topio’s mission is great.

“The pump, which starts working when the rain is heavy, is a small technological jewel and it would be impossible to find something similar in Bolivia.” writes Father Topio.  “It only takes a few minutes to empty the large well that fills up every day, and doing this allows the parish house (made of mud and straw!) to remain standing”.

The house is very popular among the campesinos (farmers) and young people who are followed enthusiastically by the mission during their schooling.

Father Topio concludes by saying that “2013 was a very successful year for our activities in the mission and especially for our young people who bring true beauty and joy even to this remote place”.