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Calpeda Limited

Calpeda S.p.a is a renowned and leading Italian pump manufacturer, boasting 50+ years of expertise and operating through 15 subsidiaries globally. With a strong presence in 100+ countries, we have built a well-structured network of distributors and service centres.

Our diverse product range caters to various needs, including domestic and industrial applications, wastewater and sewage management, building services, hospitality, and irrigation.

We recently introduced Mèta Small, a revolutionary pressurising unit with an integrated inverter for home use and irrigation. Its compact design, silent operation, and exceptional energy efficiency make it a true innovation in the industry.

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The Calpeda story is one of an Italian industrial undertaking with an international scope that is constantly growing and evolving, with solid roots in its history and an eye on the future.

In 2022 Calpeda becomes part of Wateralia, the new industrial holding of Ambienta, one of the largest European asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability.

Quality and Reliability

State-of-the-art testing facility

Our testing and inspection area is fitted with modern measuring equipment and data acquisition systems. All new designs must comply with high standards of reliability.

Quality control

Calpeda employs a quality management system for in-house processes that enables us to guarantee a high level of product reliability.

End-of-line test

The products are submitted to a hydraulic test at five different operating points.

Calpeda pursues a quality policy that focuses on the Customers and their needs. We apply the highest quality standards to the production processes in order to guarantee our products and services.

We make the greatest effort to ensure our customers the quality of processes and products, in the conviction that the standards are not only observed, but even exceeded. With this goal in mind, the company has invested in product and process certifications.

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