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An ever-increasing market demand for energy efficiency and high quality pump systems has led to the development by Calpeda of an innovative, technological and highly efficient solution:  ‘The Easymat’.



Easymat is a frequency converter which has been developed for the constant and reactive

control of surface mounted and submersible pumps, which achieves excellent hydraulic

efficiency in pump and booster systems.

Easymat provides a constant pressure at the point of discharge, without annoying fluctuations and ensures energy saving, along with a low noise output: Comfort – Control – Efficiency.

Easymat replaces the traditional pressure switch control systems used in booster plants. It is easy to install in both new and existing plants without removal the hydraulic parts.



In cases where the minimum hydraulic pressure available is insufficient, Easymat will  ensure an ideal water supply, in particular in residential areas where the serviceable pressure is no

longer sufficient for daily use. On irrigation systems Easymat will guarantee constant pressure thanks to an accurate pump control and monitoring.



Easymat is connected directly to the system pipe-work using a simple patented clamping and cooling system which eliminates the need to disrupt the existing pipe-work and valves. In addition, the coupling and cooling system guarantee keeping the temperatures low in the system, even in the presence of impurities in the liquid. The availability of of pipe housing kit 1” – 1”1/4”  and 1”1/2 permits the connection of the device to pipes of different diameters.



The system when installed with accumulators of adequate volume, will maintain a constant and stable pressure in the plant, reducing the number of pump starts, and energy consumption. Easymat accurately controls the pump starts and modulation in-line with the user demand. The Easymat is also equipped with protective devices against excessive power currents at the motor and low or high voltage fluctuations in the network. The software that controls the system protects the pump against dry running and can further be fitted with a float switch and remote alarm and monitoring.

By means of a client interface, it is possible to set all of the system’s functional parameters and to control and monitor its operation Easymat is also configured for operation with second unit allowing for the operation of a two pump variable speed set.



Easymat is designed to operate on a domestic network with 230V 50Hz or 60Hz and is available in the version MT (single-phase input and three-phase motor output) with maximum supplied currents of 5A and 7,5A, or the  MM version with (single-phase input and single-phase motor output) with maximum supplied currents of 5A and 8,5A.


For additional information, 50Hz and 60Hz catalogues, and product instruction

files can be downloaded clicking here:


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