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The New Year starts with news that the structure of the Calpeda group is changing: we are to merge our Mettifogo Pompe and Subteck divisions. Both companies, in common, produce submersible pumps so there is a lot of strategic sense in the merger.

In particular, Mettifogo pompe designs and manufactures 4” and 6” submersible bore-hole pumps whilst Subtek concentrates on specialist applications such as sea water, mining, de-watering and spa water handling, where specific products and materials are required for corrosive and aggressive fluids and environments. They are also adept at producing submersible motors, both oil or water filled, as well as hydraulic parts with semi axial cast iron and bronze impellers.

 MCS4NUOVOThe merger therefore creates a new sector specific division dedicated to electric submersible pump production all under the umbrella of the Calpeda group, further enhancing our aim for more specialisation.

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