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Also this year, despite the adverse weather conditions, the customary  trout fishing competition for employees, ex employees and relatives took place at the small Lobia 2000 Lake. It was a beautiful day for participation and fun. There were 28 competitors who in 4 heats competed for 65kg of freed fish and a total of 238 catches.

The female participation was also important, they demonstrated to number in their ranks some skilled fishers able to hold their own against some more expert fishermen.

A particular mention goes to the youngest fisher, Riccardo Curti, who came eighth with 12 catches, immediately after the great ones of the show.

The victory was played out between Thomas Tamiozzo and Giampietro Bernardini both with 15 catches. In the end Giampietro took it with 200gr more in weight and gained first place.

The prize for the biggest catch went to Luigino Chilese, ex employee now retired, who managed to get hold of a trout of over 2 kg!


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