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School and the world of work: two ambits that are often brought close together to underline the distance between them, but this time they are the protagonists of a consolidated collaboration.

It is in fact a custom for Calpeda, during the summertime, to employ some young adults on regular short-term contracts as long as they are attending a course of study for further education or university.

In this way the students have the possibility to earn and contribute to their own studies, but also to compare themselves to the world of work and find at the end some excellent baggage of competencies and technical knowledge.

“We’ve done about 25 interviews and we’ve chosen ten youngsters who are now working in the various departments, after having done the safety course required by the company- explains the production manager Antonio Battanoli -. They will work here for three months, from 17th June to 7th September, the period that is high season for us. We will integrate them into the Production staff and as is the philosophy in Calpeda, we don’t want them to live this experience as a means to an end but as an important part of their training.”


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