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When, for the calibration of some measuring tools, you happen to get the founder of the vernier in your hands, your mind goes back in time and revives strong emotions.

In the metrology lab, a room at a constant temperature, you find the high precision tools for measurement control to ensure the conformity of the product throughout the production process.

In a particular drawer, a special vernier is kept, bought in 1967 by the founder of the company, Vinicio Mettifogo, who from the very beginning made precision his cardinal rule in all manufacturing processes, so much so that he wanted production controls in series and had internal tools made, precision instruments and die-casting moulds.

The vernier, a prestigious product from the Swiss company Etalon, has a range of 200mm, resolution of 0,02mm, it’s made in hardened stainless steel, with a device for micrometric regulation, inside jaws pointed for measuring internal diameters and rounded surfaces.

Still today this vernier is indispensable for checking the calibration of certain tools for measuring in the metrology lab. An expert controller using it can manage to recognise and interpret a tenth of a millimetre, a hundredth and even a thousandth, since the high precision tool makes infinitely small measurements perceivable.

It’s not surprising that in Calpeda, between vanguard technology and latest generation tooling machines, objects such as this find their place: objects that tell the story of the company, precious memories and symbols of quality.

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