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On Saturday 23 November, a good day was had by all at the Trissino CFP Professional Training Centre (Centro Formazione Professionale) thanks to collaboration between schools and businesses. In addition to prizes for merit awarded to the most deserving students, the Stage Fidelity internship award went to five local mechanical companies that have worked closest with the Training Centre in recent years. And Calpeda was one of them.

While this experience is an inherent part of the curriculum for CFP students – as the headmaster Claudio Meggiolaro emphasised – Calpeda makes a very enthusiastic, serious contribution to ensure that the internship provides as much training as possible.

The youngsters are followed by a tutor who explains our philosophy and company structure to them, and they also take part in the complete production cycle, from receipt of orders to despatch; they have the opportunity to work alongside operators in different divisions, and they are integrated into the equipment, equipment design and quality control divisions. They also attend a basic safety course.

“We have always laid great store by youngsters because they are an important resource” explains Marco Mettifogo, Calpeda’s president, who picked up the award. “We must give them the chance to grow and emerge, sharing our knowhow and work culture with them. Investing in people is always worthwhile, as a good person is much more important than even the most cutting-edge of machines”.

The one-day event also featured the presentation of the Clean Water 2013 humanitarian project.
The goal of this initiative, started by former CFP students and the Missionland Associations, is to supply kits for making sodium hypochlorite (disinfectant bleach) to missions, villages and hospitals in developing countries. Students currently attending the CFP mechanics courses revamped the prototype, did some work on it and assembled the components of the device.

Another important message for the youngsters: with our work we can improve the world around us.


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