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When naming the Lean method you immediately think of waste elimination.

It is not only this, however.  Process optimization is the result of a productive and slimline technical approach that focuses on skill, flexibility, cooperation, responsibility and promotion of the person.  It means an organization where decisions are shared and not just imposed.

These have always been the characteristics of Calpeda, so when it was decided to hold a series of lessons with a Lean consultant, the aim was nothing more than to stop and analyse procedures which were already systematically being put into action every day.

The production managers and the heads of department, the purchase department, the environmental safety and the data processing departments were all involved in the lessons.

Concentrating on the reason why things are made in a certain way, exchanging views and listening to different points of view have been a great stimulus for revising established processes and looking for new solutions.

The experience was very positive and the intention is to repeat it in the coming months, specifically considering every area of the company.

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