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Students from the Fermi Industrial Technical Institute of Bassano had already visited the company and, given the positive effects, the institute decided to repeat the experience and offer other classes the opportunity to become more familiar with the Calpeda production reality.  As a result, in just one month, the company opened its doors first to two classes specializing in energy and then to another two classes specializing in mechanics.


It was an interesting opportunity for everyone to transfer their theory into practice and to see how products are made, following the various stages of production, from raw material input through to where the finished products are tested and shipped.

The students, in-line with their specialized field of study, could observe the differing production aspects and reflect on them: cutting-edge technology, production process optimization, attention to quality and pump performance designed to achieve maximum savings in energy.

Calpeda is always happy to contribute to young people’s education, encouraging and giving them the possibility to think about their professional career and also about their eventual entry into the job market.


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