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Calpeda is a reference point in the drainage pump sector because it knows that this type of pump has to be sturdy, resistant and give its best in difficult conditions.

These features are the guidelines that led Calpeda’s work from the very start, allowing the company to approach the market immediately with maximum reliability products, cutting-edge technical solutions and excellent performance levels.

The first models date back to the ‘90s.

  • The GM 50 was the first of Calpeda’s drainage pump range, a model for industrial use that is sturdy, reliable and with a particular constructive solution. The mechanical seal in drainage pumps is a very delicate part, and Calpeda has devoted great attention to this detail.  Research and many technical tests led to the creation of a double internal mechanical seal in an oil bath.
  • The GM10 model for domestic use was soon added to the GM50 range of innovative and reliable pumps with excellent hydraulic characteristics.The distinctive feature of this pump was the motor casing completely of composite polymers, a novelty and a gamble at that time.
  • 1995 is when the GX40 was created. This model took Calpeda to the intermediate range between the industrial and the household sectors. The GX40 is lighter than the GM50 but still very resistant because made completely of stainless steel, with double internal mechanical seal in an oil bath.
  • Evolution and research in the drainage pump sector led, in 2008/2009, to the innovative GXR and GXV series which made it possible to widen the domestic range with models characterised by a superior construction level, higher performance curves and internal mechanical seal in an oil bath.
  • In 2010-2011 the mid-range sector also widened with the GQR, GQS, GQV families:  top-performance pumps made of hybrid cast iron and steel, and a double internal mechanical seal in an oil bath.



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