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Some agents from Pumpa, the Calpeda distributor for the Czech Republic, visited the company a few weeks ago.  The meeting was organized in two moments, one commercial and the other more technical.

A report on specific market needs was made initially, and these needs were placed in relation to the range of products; an interesting comparison from which points for the Research and Development Department came out.

The second part was instead dedicated to technical assistance, a fundamental aspect for a professional business network that can meet product quality and reliability standards.

Calpeda had organised a training session for the products indicated as being the most interesting for the Pumpa market:  Easymat, Variomat 2 and control panels with inverter.

Training included a section dedicated to product description and operation, and another in-depth section, where the possible problems and relative solutions were analysed.

All the training documents were shared on Slideshare.

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