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Can the water in ports, the rainwater in garbage plants and the water used in carwash plants be purified?  Yes, thanks to a special system that was perfected in Sweden using Calpeda pumps.

Dirty water is pumped into a triple chamber tank and then into another tank inside an insulated container with a heat pump.  This container holds an MXV-type filter pump inside, which is controlled by a frequency regulator to guarantee a continued flow.  The pump pushes the liquid through a very particular filtering system that includes two initial filters which carry out a wash when the pressure reaches a specific value.  The liquid is then passed through another two filters that contain a special tree bark, and finally it goes through another two filters which are filled with a special carbon.

An oil separator is also used in car washes before the water enters the first tank.

A warning is indicated either by GSM or by the alarm lighting up if the pressure is too high or if there is counterflow.  In simpler plants, the frequency regulator is not used to control the pumps.

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