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“Gran vente de lanzamento”: this is the title of the event dedicated to the Calpeda brand that was organised by our distributor PGIC at the Estadio Italiano in Santiago, the capital of Chile, on 24th March.  And it was certainly a great celebration, with the quality of our pumps, but also a partnership made of collaboration and reciprocal trust, in the centre of the stage.

Calpeda has been on the Chilean market for long, but the current distributor felt the need, and took the opportunity, to officially present the brand after meeting Calpeda.  It was, as told enjoyably during the evening, love at first sight between the PGIC sales manager and our products.  After having visited the company in Montorso Vicentino, he returned home certain of the idea of selling Calpeda pumps, and he was further encouraged by verification of the already optimal reputation our products have in that country.

This is where the idea of a “launch” dedicated to the Calpeda brand came from.  Clients from all over Chile attended, and it was a great pleasure to have the area manager Andrea Zanoli and the CEO Renzo Lorenzi present.

The event, which offered Italian cooking and music, there was also an opportunity for a successful advertising that resulted in a considerable number of orders.

It was very satisfactory for Calpeda, not just for how well the evening turned out, but also for how PGIC works.  Its capillary presence in the country, the excellent preparation of its operators and the after-sales service it offers makes it an ideal distributor that stands out in a market which, because of its characteristics, can freely encompass our whole product range.

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