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To satisfy our continuous search for technical innovation and improved production quality, a novelty was recently added to the impeller department: a robotized island made up of a horizontal lathe with 2 spindles and 3 toolposts, a vertical broaching machine and a robot with a system for loading/unloading pieces onto and from a conveyor. The robot has laser vision for piece positioning during automatic loading.

The island was built to produce small aluminium parts for the new MXS pumps, which involve complex machining such as angled holes and tolerances, and also cast iron impellers for the GQ submersible pumps.

The 2 lathe spindles and third tool holder mean that the same working phase can be carried out in a more unified way, notably reducing working time on a wide range of parts such as rotors, shafts, various covers, etc.

This means around a hundred piece types and all materials: brass, cast iron, bronze, steel, aluminium… The precision of the machine and automatic loading with a vision system means it can work for hours without anyone being present, so the operator can concentrate more on machining quality.

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