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Technology and virtuous behaviour can contribute greatly to saving water, which today is a precious resource. With today’s construction industry sustainability is becoming increasingly more important, and we are heading towards a growing tendency to use plants that collect rainwater for non-drinkable uses: toilet flushing, washing machines, watering gardens.

Calpeda has developed its new MP submersible pump, ideal for tanks or wells that collect rainwater.

It is a pump for domestic use that completes the multi-stage submersible pump range (MPS or MXS).

The new MP pump has plenty of strong points. First of all it is very practical to use; it does not need to be installed fixed and is easy to transport thanks to its polypropylene handle. Inspections become easy, and the float switch can be adjusted in a simple manner for the start and stop phases.

The hydraulic part of the new MP pump is produced in the same manner as that of the MPS pumps. It is multi-stage to guarantee greater head, its motor is cooled by the pumped water and it has a double shaft seal with oil chamber.

Research for the perfect materials has led to the choice of stainless steel for the shaft, motor and pump casing, while the stage casing and the impeller are of Noryl, an innovative plastic material with excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics.

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