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Today we can no longer speak about true innovation unless it contributes to protecting the planet and its resources.

This is why machines must be intelligent, and it’s what Calpeda wants from its pumps: machines with a heart and a brain, where each component is designed to guarantee its best performance and the lowest consumption of energy.

In order to adapt consumption to the true needs of systems, Calpeda has developed a range of electronic products that are compact, reliable and extremely easy to programme.

The latest arrival is I-MAT, a variable speed system driven by inverter for controlling water supply applications and for the production and distribution of hot/cold water.

The I-MAT built-in control system can be used to manage a wide range of applications and operation modes; being three-phase, it answers the requirements of the commercial/industrial sector. alongside the single-phase system EASYMAT, which is designed for home use, I-MAT completes the Calpeda range of variable speed systems.

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