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A few months ago a new robotized work cell began manufacturing the bodies of NG and GQ series pumps.

The new special transfer machine has a rotary table with 5 positions and 9 work units, for a total of 50 axes controlled by CNC.

The pieces, even if very complex, are braced on the table and are processed entirely as they pass through the different stations. As a result, production can be tripled as a result of the faster cycle times.

Process precision and repeatability guarantee the quality level that has always distinguished Calpeda products.

The work pieces are placed on and removed from the machine by 2 anthropomorphic robots. One of them, after having removed the finished piece, also assembles the various outlet and priming plugs with the relative sealing gaskets, easing the workload of the final assembly section.

Finally, an environmental consideration. The production facility is equipped with a series of advanced filtering devices for the cooling lubricant system and for the air inside the work zones.

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