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This is a story that tells about solidarity, friendship, and how technology can help improve life.

We are in Kenya, in the district of Kwale. It is here that the no-profit organization “GROW with HOPE Foundation”, of which Dr. Giorgio Morini is one of the founders, operates. It is also here that, with the help of other volunteers, an orphanage for 36 children, 18 boys and 18 girls, is being developed, together with houses for families that live in poverty and discomfort. The centre, which will be built in an area of 36,000 square metres, will have a medical clinic, a school where people can learn how to raise small farmyard animals – we will start with 2500 egg-laying hens, in addition to a few cows and some goats – so that the community can be self-sufficient. That’s not all, though. In addition to following the children’s educational path until they become 18 years of age, there will be a laboratory for those who do not want to continue studying which will start them on the road to becoming builders, plumbers and carpenters.

It is a wonderful project, but it needs an essential element to become reality: drinking water.

“Following the story of some old wise men,” said Dr. Morini, “we discovered a source of water at a depth of 163 metres. After verifying that the water was drinkable, we had to bring it to the surface. We dug an Artesian well and my friend Giacomo Dell’Olio donated a Calpeda pump, which made our dream come true. The day on which it was installed was celebrated by everyone. We are truly grateful to him and the company.”

Along with those of Dr. Morini, Calpeda’s congratulations go to our agent Giacomo Dall’Olio for his generosity and we further thank him for allowing us to take part in this endeavour!

GROW with HOPE Foundation

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