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Last month a training session was held in Moscow for our distributors who operate in the Russian and Ukraine market.

It was an instructive meeting to present the characteristics of the products and demonstrate how they work, but it was also an occasion for acknowledging possible demands and specific requests from the market.

A consistent part of the training was reserved for variable speed systems, extremely current products given the continual growth in sensitivity towards energy saving. We presented both types of inverter: EASYMAT (single phase), developed for domestic users, and I-MAT (three-phase), created for the demands of the business/industrial sector. Those taking part in the course were able to appreciate the compactness of these solutions and their programming simplicity.

Pressure boosting sets were also discussed during the meeting, with the different types of product available in the catalogue being illustrated, and the construction details of Calpeda NM and NMS series centrifugal pumps were analysed, too.

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