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Calpeda has launched the newest version of its Pump Selector.

The software was designed to be an instrument for supporting selection. Our technical-sales office is always available to advise on the best choice and supply accurate product specifications, but thanks to the pump selector clients are easily, immediately and independently led towards the most suitable choice for their needs. It is very helpful, especially when you know your project requirements: all you have to do is insert some data to find the ideal solution right away. The software also creates the technical sheets of each product, which makes it possible to assess all the characteristics of the chosen model in detail.

This version of Pump Selector presents new functions that make it even more efficient. The most important novelties are:

• a pumps with inverter option has been added, and graphics with curves at different hertz can be created;

• fixed and variable speed booster sets options have been added;

• new languages have been added: in addition to Italian and English, the software is now available in French, Spanish, German and Russian.

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