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They are called wellboats and they transport live fish. With this type of vessel, treating the on-board water is fundamental so that the best transport conditions can be guaranteed. The exchange system must keep the fish healthy and prevent parasites and sea lice from contaminating the water in which the fish live.

Calpeda pumps are part of the project for an innovative wellboat, Aqua Tromøy, that can transport 3000 m3 of fish in two tanks and produce 6000 m3 of fresh water per day.

Enwa Water Technology, among the leading manufacturers of water treatment equipment for the maritime and offshore industry, supplied the freshwater maker system (RO).

For the fresh water production system, 3 Calpeda NMS4 150/400 A pumps were installed, with a hydraulic head of 50 m and a BEP of 350m3/h, together with 2 NMS4 150/400 B pumps with a hydraulic head of approximately 44 m and a BEP of 320m3/h.

This interesting application allows us to consider how the extensive range of Calpeda bronze pumps can even guarantee requests for sea water.

These pumps are normally horizontal, but thanks to its technical experience Calpeda was able to prepare a vertical version. To guarantee correct operation, a flush pipe was added.



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