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There are two types of fire-fighting system: fixed, as in the case of automatic sprinklers, and with hydrant.

The first are controlled by UN EN 12845:2015, the second by UNI 10779:2014.


Thanks to its pressure boosting and fire-fighting sets, Calpeda can cover the requirements of both types. Here, however, we want to look at Calpeda’s novelties for 2019 related to its fire-fighting sets for fixed installations.


From UNI 9490 to UNI EN 12845

We will start with some history. Initially, sprinkler systems in Italy were governed by UNI 9490, which was then abandoned in 2007 and replaced by the UNI EN 12845 Standard. As the new regulation imposed new construction specifications for pressure boosting and fire-fighting sets, the whole range was fully revised.


A new and complete range update in 2019

Calpeda added constant research on quality and the desire to answer market demands in a more efficient manner to the need to follow development of the fire-fighting standard. This is why the range was additionally restyled in a manner that involved all aspects of the product.

The hydraulic part was revised and simplified for product reliability; the electric part was instead updated with new interactive display switchboards. The structural part, finally, was completely renewed with cutting-edge production methods and sizes that require less use of raw materials.


An interesting application in the group foundry

An automatic mist system with one of our new pressure booster systems was produced for Fonderia Zardo, the Calpeda group foundry. The system protects the compartments of the transformers that are present in the induction furnaces, using a mixture of water, air and foam-forming liquid to extinguish. Foam is an ideal solution in an industrial environment because particularly suited to extinguishing and cooling oil that burns as a result of transformer deflagration.


The Calpeda fire-fighting set, whose components actually came from the Zardo production line, has returned to the plant to guarantee its safety!




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