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Our subsidiary Calpeda Malaysia has recently obtained the SPAN Approval for our centrifugal, horizontal and vertical multi-stage pumps, and for our pressure boosting sets.

The National Water Services Commission, also known as SPAN, is a technical and economic body that regulates water supply and sewerage services for Malaysia, according to Water Services Industry Act 2006 –Act 655.

The SPAN approval ensures the quality of the products and guarantees that they match the standards and performance declared by the manufacturer.

Our pumps test report were also certified by SIRIM QAS International, a Premier Industrial Research and Technology Organization in Malaysia that has been appointed by various Malaysian regulatory agencies to certify that products meet relevant national regulatory requirements.

Thanks to this approval, Calpeda pumps are ready to move into Malaysia municipal water supply, high rise building plumbing services, fire-fighting and government projects.

We are very proud of this achievement, which represents an opening for product diffusion in the Malaysian market and above all, a new recognition of the quality excellence of our pumps and a guarantee of safety for all our clients.

Discover the approved products:

  • N(4),NM(4),NR(4),NMP,NMD pumps; certificate no. SPAN/BPI/3264-2020
  • MXH, MXA, MXP, MGP, E-MXP, E-MXA pumps; certificate no. SPAN/BPI/3265-2020
  • BS2F, E-MXPM booster sets; certificate no. SPAN/BPI/3265-2020
  • MXV, MXV-B, MPSU pumps; certificate no. SPAN/BPI/3266-2020




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