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The NMP family of close-coupled self-priming centrifugal pumps with built-in prefilter has been updated with a new product: NMP 65/12, which replaces the previous NMP 65/16 model.

It is a completely renewed product, designed to answer market demands thanks to a wider range of flows. Its characteristics and performance make it perfect for circulating water in the filter systems of fountains or large swimming pools. In terms of reliability and performance, the new pump reaches levels only given by systems that have a centrifugal pump with separate prefilter upstream.

Product strong points

Using 3D modelling systems and fluid dynamics simulations, our R&D team completely redesigned the pump from a hydraulic and a mechanical point of view. The team focused on both the rotor and the pump body, leading to the creation of an innovative patented design.

The pump, which is light and easy to handle, has an excellent suction capacity (NPSH). It has the same power as the previous NMP 65/16 model, yet it can easily reach a flow rate of 120 m3/h.

Its large capacity stainless steel filter is easy to remove for cleaning and inspection.

In addition to the cast iron version there is also a bronze one, for use with aggressive liquids such as sea water.

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