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Efficiency and versatility are the main characteristics of the MXV vertical multi-stage stainless steel pump.

Multifunction for both urban and industrial use, these pumps are ideal for supplying water or increasing pressure in high pressure wash systems for irrigation, farming and sports facilities.

Restyling the series advantageously enhanced its strong points: models MXV 50-15 and 50-20 were first, followed by MXV 25-3, 32-5 and 40-9, then the close coupled version. The range is now complete thanks to the specific characteristics of the MXV-B series, which has been added to the new generation of vertical stainless steel pumps.

MXV-B pumps are cheaper than MXV pumps because close coupled. This does not mean, however, that product quality and performance are lesser than those of other vertical multi-stage pumps.

These characteristics, which are also the strong points of MXV-B, make it the ideal solution for different situations. In general, it can be said that an optimal quality-price ratio and advantages during installation are the objectives that guided the development of this product.

Let’s discover the qualities of the new MXV-B pumps:

• They are vertical multi-stage stainless steel pumps with suction and delivery connections on the same axis (in-line). This means that the pump is less inclined to wear because it can absorb the force of the piping.

• The new MXV-B pumps have the same stainless steel jacket as the MXV pumps.

• The pump base has been treated with cathodic electrodeposition to make it more resistant to corrosion.

All the hydraulic parts in contact with the liquid are made of cold rolled stainless steel; as such, this pump is particularly versatile and corrosion resistant.

• Being multi-stage, the MXV-B  pump guarantees optimal head.

 • The maximum pressure permitted by the pump casing is 16 bar.

• Even though the mechanical seal cannot be removed, is the same as the one used with the MXV series pumps.

• The new MXV-B pumps are extremely compact, a great advantage when installing. They are lower than the MXV pumps, and can also be connected to the piping more quickly thanks to the flange connection. A counter flange kit is supplied with the pump in the event of threaded piping.

• The MXV-B series is equipped with a Calpeda motor, in line with energy efficiency standards. The pumps are also available with an I-MAT inverter for the motor; this gives a variable speed system, ideal for water supply systems or for hot and cold water distribution.

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